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Thank You for visiting Country View Quilting for your quilting needs.
Our E2E quilting prices range from .015 - .025 per square inch. 
Pricing is determined by the pattern that you select.
PLEASE NOTE:  The pricing on the pattern page is reflected in price per square feet.

Preparing Your Quilt

  • Quilt top should be clean
  • Please Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
  • Trim all loose threads
  • Check that all seams are secure
  • Please have all embellishments removed
  • Your quilt top MUST lay flat.   If there are any waves, you may have puckers or your quilt may not be square after quilting.
  • Do not pin quilt top, batting and backing – they will be loaded onto the machine in separate units.
  • If you are sending your own backing and batting, Please make sure that it is Square and 4” larger on ALL four sides (Example: if your top is 70 X 70 then your backing needs to be at least 78 X 78) Note: Country View Quilting offers a variety of batting at reasonable pricing. It may be more economical to purchase your batting through Country View Quilting than to pay for shipping.   If you do decide to ship your own batting, Please check to make sure that package batting has not been distorted in the packaging process.
  • If your quilt is directional, Please indicate the top of your quilt by attaching a safety pin to the top center.
  • Please place your quilt, backing in a sealed plastic bag during shipping.  This is to ensure that it is waterproof.  Upon our receiving your quilt, it will be lightly pressed if needed to remove wrinkles during shipping.
  • Please PRINT order form and ship with your quilt!

Machine Quilting Order Form

Please select the pattern that you would like quilted onto your quilt.  Enter the square feet (rounded up to the nearest whole number) into your shopping cart.   On the form below,  
Please enter the name of the pattern, the color of thread you selected for quilting.   Note:  top and bobbin will be the same color thread. All colors are available for Quilting Services even though it may indicate 'out of stock' - this is referring to cones sold through the on-line shop. 
Should you prefer Variegated thread, indicate the thread color name.  Note: A $10.00 - $15.00 surcharge will be added to your order depending on the size of quilt and density of quilting.
Please enter the type of batting and backing fabric that you have selected from your shopping cart.  
Please fill out all fields and Submit your form.  
Print your form and send it with your quilt top.   This is to ensure that the correct order is with the proper quilt top.

                                           86935 543 Avenue
                                          Osmond, NE 68765                                                    

Please do NOT indicate QUILT on your package.  
Note:  Country View Quilting can not be held responsible for quilts during shipping.  Please use tracking and/or insurance with the shipping company that you select.

Make sure to fill out all fields

Machine Quilting Terms
Country View Quilting is committed to providing you with quality quilting services. We offer professional edge to edge quilting, as well as, other prep and finishing services for your quilt. 
Please check over your Machine Quilting Order Form. 
Make sure the pattern, thread color, batting and backing fabric are what you are wanting.  Sometimes the quilting options that you have selected may not turn out the way you had envisioned your finished quilt.  Country View Quilting can not be held responsible for the completion of your project should you dislike the decisions that you requested. 

Country View Quilting rarely has anyone who is dissatisfied. Please be aware that we are human and though we have quilting experience, occasionally the quilt may not turn out as you had envisioned.  We strive to communicate any details to limit any customer dissatisfaction.  If there should be an issue, please contact Country View Quilting. 
Your quilt will be quilted in the condition that it arrives.  Please check to make sure ALL seams are completely stitched.  Clip threads, remove ALL buttons, embellishments, etc.  Check to make sure that your quilt top is square, lays flat and there are no wavy borders.  If your top does not lay flat, this can cause pleats, puckers and/or ruffles in your quilt top.
Country View Quilting does not quilt tops with Denim (Jean fabric).