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Preparing Your Quilt

  • Quilt top should be clean
  • Please Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
  • Trim all loose threads
  • Check that all seams are secure
  • Please have all embellishments removed
  • Your quilt top MUST lay flat.   If there are any waves, you may have puckers or your quilt may not be square after quilting.
  • Do not pin quilt top, batting and backing – they will be loaded onto the machine in separate units.
  • If you are sending your own backing and batting, Please make sure that it is Square and 4” larger on ALL four sides (Example: if your top is 70 X 70 then your backing needs to be at least 78 X 78) Note: Country View Quilting offers a variety of batting at reasonable pricing. It may be more economical to purchase your batting through Country View Quilting than to pay for shipping.   If you do decide to ship your own batting, Please check to make sure that package batting has not been distorted in the packaging process.
  • If your quilt is directional, Please indicate the top of your quilt by attaching a safety pin to the top center.
  • Please place your quilt, backing in a sealed plastic bag during shipping.  This is to ensure that it is waterproof.  Upon our receiving your quilt, it will be lightly pressed if needed to remove wrinkles during shipping.
  • Please PRINT order form and ship with your quilt!