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All longarm quilting is quilted on one of our Gammill 30" longarm quilting machines with a Statler.  Statler by Gammill offers state of the art stitch and design precision.  Country View Quilting has a comprehensive pattern library with over 1000 Edge to Edge (panto) patterns.  We continue to add new patterns to our library.  If there is a pattern that you do not see on the website, Please email me with the name and pattern designer.  If we do not currently have the pattern, we will be happy to order it.  *NOTE:  not all patterns are shown on the website.

Basting - Consists of long stitches over the entire quilt top.  Rows are stitched approximately 5" apart.  Basting allows the quilt top, batting and backing to be sandwiched together for hand or home machine quilting.   Pricing =

Edge to Edge - Quilting Prices begin at 3.00 square foot (approximately .02/square inch) and includes solid colored thread.  *Note: top and bobbin thread are the same color.   Variegated and Specialty threads are available for an additional fee.

Custom and Heirloom -  Quilting that is specific for your individual quilt.  This may include borders, sashes, blocks, etc.  Custom and Heirloom quilts are all unique and require a scheduled consultation prior to quilting.   Pricing varies depending on the density and complexity of each quilt.   Due to the design work and extent of quilting, Please contact Country View Quilting for turn around time when scheduling a consultation.

Minimum -
     *$50.00/ quilt - Basting and Edge to Edge 
     *$100.00/ quilt - Custom and Heirloom

     *$35.00  Basting and Edge to Edge   

Binding - Binding services are available.  Please be sure to include fabric for binding or select a fabric from our fabric selection.    
    *Make and attach - your binding will be made using 2.5" fabric strips and folded prior to attaching to your quilt front.  This will allow you to hand bind your quilt.
    *Make, attach and Machine finished - your binding will be made using 2.5" fabric strips and folded.  Binding will be attached to the back and folded over to the front to be machine stitched.
    *Make, attach and Hand finished - your binding will be made using 2.5" fabric strips and folded.  Binding will be attached to the front and folded over to the back to be hand stitched.

Preparing your Backing - We can prepare your fabric for backing. 
     *$10.00/seam for fabric that you provide no patterns are matched. 
     *$20.00/seam for fabric that you provide with pattern repeats matched.  *Please allow extra fabric that is needed when matching pattern repeat.
     *$7.00/seam for fabric purchased through our website. 
Other Quilting Services:  Pressing, Minor Repairs, Securing Seams -  $25.00/hour  $5.00 minimum

For Custom or Heirloom Consultation, Please fill out the Contact form.

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